Bhima Golden Facts

Bhima started off with silver jewellery! You will still find a collection of sterling silver jewellery in our showrooms.
The manufacture of Antique jewellery, with its impressive attention to detail, is an extremely labour intensive process. On an average, it takes almost a month for our skilled craftsmen to finish a single necklace!
Bhima gold has been trusted by over three generations of customers for its quality, as also by other jewellers!
The jewellery from Bhima has shared the feelings of happiness of over a million brides since 1925!
Bhima was the first jeweller to introduce free astrologer consultation to help you select the most appropriate gemstone based on the horoscope.
Bhima has an unmatched collection of loose precious stones in various budgets for you to choose from.
Bhima jewellery goes through stringent internal quality tests before finally reaching you. It's due to this fact that we take a longer time to process customer orders.
Bhima Diamonds and Precious stones are carefully handpicked by qualified and certified gemologists.
Bhima Diamonds are sold with Certificates of authenticity and buy-back guarantee.
Fineness of 916 means that the quality of gold is 22 carat.
Bhima sells 24 carat gold coins with fineness of 999 at very competitive rates vis-a-vis banks.
Bhima is a family business and is run with the full involvement of the family to ensure quality. The showrooms are not run solely by managers, hence expansion is limited.
At the time when there was a Bhima showroom only at Alappuzha, customers used to come all the way from Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu, North Kerala and Dakshina Kannada for their jewellery shopping!
White gold is as valuable as yellow gold of the same caratage.
White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, usually nickel or palladium. Almost all white gold jewellery is rhodium plated since gold thus alloyed never comes out true white!
Bhima is a PGI authorized platinum jewellery retailer.
Bhima is one of the very few jewellers who do not directly or indirectly own a gold jewellery hallmarking centre. We just don't declare our gold is good, we have others say it!
Bhima jewellery is hallmarked after our internal quality tests. We have our jewellery hallmarked for 2 reasons: to have a third party confirm its purity, and to avoid duplicate jewellery with our jeweller's mark!
Bhima is the jeweller of choice for royal and aristocratic families.
Bhima is one of the first and most trusted diamond merchants in Kerala.
When you buy a piece of jewellery from Bhima, it comes with a backing of an unparalleled trust of over 85 years!
Bhima jewellery witnesses the tears of pain and happiness: Right from when a baby's ears are pierced, till and beyond when she adorns our jewellery as a beautiful bride.
The men's collection at Bhima has accessories like belt buckles, spectacle frames, cuff links, etc in addition to regular men's jewellery.
Bhima is an expression of a mother's pure love: Most mothers who come to us for their daughter's jewellery have had their mother coming to us for theirs!
Bhima is the first jeweller in Kerala to sell readymade jewellery.
Bhima houses one of the largest collections of Bridal, Antique, Diamond Studded and Gents Jewellery in India.
Bhima does not utilize the services of marketing or canvassing agents. You do not have a hidden cost of agent's commission when you buy from us.
Beautiful brides prefer Bhima Jewellers.
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Bhima Gemstones

Beautiful and rare, Bhima gemstones have an allure that underlines your personality. These are carefully handpicked by qualified and certified gemologists. Whether you want to use it to colour co-ordinate your wardrobe or as a talisman Ė a good luck charm, explore and find one that is just right for you.

Bhima Navaratnas

Bhima has a very special range of Navaratna Jewellery - precious Navaratnas set in exquisite rings, in designs for men and women. These rings are available in both yellow and white gold options and can be custom-made. There is also a beautiful range of Navaratna pendants, ear-rings, bangles and even necklace sets.

Navaratnas are believed to bring good fortune to the person who wears it. Since each stone represents a planet, it is believed that wearing Navaratna neutralizes any ill effects of a given planetary position at any particular time. Navaratnas are said to be suitable for everyone irrespective of their horoscope.

Birthstones and Gemstones

Bhima was the first to introduce free Astrologer Consultation, to determine the gemstone most suitable to the person, based on the horoscope. From, times of yore, it is believed that gemstones and Birthstones have miraculous effect on the health and fortunes of the individual. Wearing the appropriate stone close to one's body can change fortunes for the better. For best results, it is important to wear a good quality gemstones purchased from a trusted jeweler. In the West, a Birthstone chart is followed based on the Zodiac.

Gems and their Influence

There are numerous myths and legends associated with gemstones. Some tell of cursed stones; others of stones with special powers of healing, protection and good luck to the person who wears it.

Astrology looks at the position of planets and stars at the time of a personís birth, and their influence on life. Just like the moon, which influences the ebb and flow of tides on earth, it is believed that planets also influence life on earth. Certain gemstones are associated with particular planets.

If the influence of a planet was weak at the time of your birth, you can compensate by wearing a particular gemstone that boosts the influence of that planet. One can also use gemstones for a specific purpose. Some people use it for the dasa (period of particular planetary influence). Astrologers recommend wearing a gemstone on a particular finger. It is always good to consult an astrologer before using gemstones for a specific purpose.

Navaratna (Navarathnam)

Everybody can wear Navaratnas, the nine gemstones representing the nine planets. These are arranged in a specific order and pattern when set in jewellery and will strengthen the influence of all the nine planets that control oneís life. According to astrology, those who donít know the exact time of birth or other birth details have only one choice when it comes to wearing gemstones - Navaratnas. People having weaker planetary influence can also wear this. One can wear it throughout their lifetime. Start wearing on a Sunday within an hour of sunrise.

Ruby (Manikyam)

One of the most durable of gems, a ruby is second in hardness only to a diamond. The name comes from Latin word ruber, for red. Fine rubies are as rare as top quality diamonds. In India, it is known by the Sanskrit names Ratna Raja, King of Gems, and Ratna Nayaka, Leader of Gems.

Ruby represents the Sun. It is believed that wearing rubies will make your wishes come true. Rubies give their wearer sexual appeal and protects them from danger. It is said to have a healing effect on eye and heart diseases. It also brings economic stability. In short the wearer will be generally favoured with good health, position and prestige. Ideal time to start wearing is on a Sunday within one hour after sunrise.

Pearl (Muthu)

Pearl is known as the Queen of Gems. Natural pearls are extremely rare. According to an Indian legend, the Hindu God, Krishna discovered pearls. Pearl was probably the first gem to be universally appreciated by mankind for its beauty and rarity.

Pearl represents the Moon. It is believed that wearing a pearl will bring peace of mind and increase benefits of Raja yoga. Pearls are believed to heal problems related to the abdomen and eye, and improve the intellect. It increases the self confidence of the wearer and enhances the mental faculties, promotes and builds cordial atmosphere at home and at work. Start wearing on a Monday within an hour of sunrise.

Coral (Pavizham)

Romans were known to have worn Coral extensively in jewellery and also as amulets. In India, Coral had a respected place, and though not actually a precious gemstone, it has been treated as one of the Navaratnas. Red coral is the most common, though white and yellow coral are also found.

Coral represents Mars. A person wearing coral is believed to become more energetic and it ensures a long married life. Coral is believed to heal blood related diseases. It also protects the person wearing it from lightning, thunder, and traffic accidents. Start wearing it on a Tuesday within one hour after sunrise.

Emerald (Marathakam)

Emerald is one of the most beloved of gems. Ancient Egyptians discovered and cherished emeralds 2000 years before the reign of Cleopatra. In India, emeralds were also considered to be antidotes to poison. Emeralds enjoyed a special place in pantheon of gem worshippers. Egyptians interpreted the green of emeralds as symbol of renewal.

Emerald represents Mercury. It is good for education and will develop the IQ and creativity of the person wearing it. Emeralds are believed to heal diseases related to the nervous system. It is good for speedy recovery of ailments connected with the liver, intestines, and brain. It is also good for those engaged in communication and banking. Start wearing it on a Wednesday within one hour of sunrise.

Yellow Sapphire (Pushyaragam)

Up until the end of the 19th century Yellow Sapphire was known as Oriental Topaz. Truly colourless sapphires are found in Sri Lanka. Greenish yellow sapphires found in Queensland and New South Wales (Australia) are expensive stones.

Yellow sapphire represents Jupiter. It is believed that yellow sapphire blesses the wearer with offspring, favours from God, administrative powers, and economic prosperity. It protects people from dangers during long voyages. A Thursday is auspicious to start wearing one, within an hour of sunrise.

Diamond (Vajram)

India was an important source of diamonds for centuries. Diamonds have been associated with purity and fearlessness since ancient times and, more recently with love. The Koh-i-Noor (Mountain of light) diamond that was once the largest known diamond in the world was mined from Golconda, India.

Diamonds represent Venus. Diamonds are good for improving prospects for marriage, married life, and enhance the beauty of the person wearing it. It is worn for general luck and it increases longevity and increases the image of the wearer in social circles. Its use is recommended for artists, dancers, singers and actors. Start wearing it on a Friday within an hour of sunrise.

Blue Sapphire (Indra Neelam)

The name derives from Greek Sappheiros, for blue. It has been associated with celestial forces. Buddhists consider it as a symbol for peace and faithfulness in love. Kashmir, India is a famous source of Sapphire. Like rubies, sapphires are second in hardness only to diamonds.

It represents Saturn. Blue sapphires heal rheumatism and lung diseases and are also believed to help people engaged in meditation and yoga. When it suits the wearer, it can give them rapid and immense financial gains. Start wearing on a Saturday, within an hour of sunrise on your middle finger.

Hessonite (Gomethakam)

The best hessonites are found in Sri Lanka. Hessonite has swirls of inclusions, giving it a treacly appearance. In Madagascar hessonite is often referred to as cinnamon stone. It is a semi-precious gemstone.

Hessonite represents Rahu. It is good for healing illnesses related to intestine skin disorders, piles, and sinus infections. Hessonite helps people to get employment abroad. It bestows financial prosperity, health and happiness. The best time to start wearing a Hessonite is on a Saturday within one hour of sunrise.

Catís Eye (Vaidooryam)

The most highly prized Catís eye colour is a light golden brown, often with a shadow that gives a light and dark ĎMilk and Honeyí effect. Catís eyes have been found in Russia. Parallel fibres within stone produce the catís eye flash.

Catís eye represents Ketu. It heals urinary disorders and allergies. Catís eye makes the wearer more energetic. It also prevents abortions, miscarriages and other prenatal complications. At times, nightmares or threats from inferior spirit or witchcraft can be warded off with a Catís eye. Start using it within an hour of sunrise on a Tuesday.

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